WOMANKIND: You are welcome here.

We are girls, and mothers and students. We are artists, and poets and homemakers.  We are believers, we are doubters, we are realists. We are Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist and Agnostic. We are vulnerable and strong and resolute. We are alive in a time of fear, and fearful for our futures.  Some of us are the privileged and witnesses to the oppression of others. Some of us are oppressed. We seek to recognise the good that resides in all of humanity. We are WOMANKIND, and you are welcome here.

WOMANKIND is an online community for anyone who wants to be part of a conversation about what role we have to play in this strange new world. We will speak about politics and religion, and what it means to be women of faith in the new millennium. We will speak about what it means to  have belief in ourselves and what it means to doubt at the same time. We will challenge each other to question our values and to hear from those voices and perspectives we who are silenced. WOMANKIND will be a safe space to ask questions about subjects we have avoided. We will talk about sexuality and race and poverty. We will hear from women who have enabled us to rise, and we will encourage each other to do likewise.

To make WOMANKIND work we need you to be a part of it. We need to hear your voice, your experiences and your viewpoint. We need you to have conversations with your friends and bring those conversations to our community.

We need writers, editors and graphic designers. We want this to be a space for you to try out new opinions and skills. We will seek to include as many perspectives as possible, so don’t be intimidated!

We will be launching in three months time: if you want to be part of this journey – please email us at: womankindonline@gmail.com with your full name, a short bio and your idea for a first blog (300-500 words)

(Artwork by Deva Pardue available to buy as a poster here)



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